Lake George Cruises

Lake George cruises are a classic for anyone going to Lake George for at least a day. The scenery is beautiful and a lot of different options are available to fit anyone's budget and time. Two different companies offer cruises on Lake George - Lake George Steamboat Company & Shoreline Cruises - and they operate from May to October (with some exceptions, like New Year's cruise).

Many different packages are available on the five different cruise ships available on Lake George. You don't even need to book in advance, because you'll find a cruise going out of the dock at about any hour of the day (a little less starting in September)

Lake George Cruises embarkment point map

Lake George Cruises prices

Prices for a cruise on Lake George varies from around 15$ to 50$ for adults (5 to 20$ for children). For an hour-long cruise, expect to pay around 15$ (7$). The half day cruise is around 25$ (12$ for children) and full-day will cost around 35$ (15).

Dinner cruises are also available for a little under 50$ for both the cruise and the meal (under 20$ for children)

Lake George Cruises

For those who want a more private afternoon, you can rent a boat & a captain through Lake George Boat Tours.

Lake George Cruises pictures

Lake George Steamboat company - The Mohican
Cruise Ship the Mohican
The Mohican is the oldest continuously operated tour boat in the USA.
Lake George Shoreline Cruises - The Adirondac
The Adirondac on deck
The Adirondac is one of the two boats of Shoreline Cruises.
Lake George Shoreline Cruises - Cruising on Lake George aboard the Adirondac
View from the Adirondac
Cruising on Lake George aboard the Adirondac.
Lake George Steamboat Company - Lac du Saint-Sacrement
The Lac du Saint-Sacrement
The Lake George Steamboat company has been offering cruise ships on Lake George for a long time.
Lake George Shoreline Cruises in autumn
Cruises in autumn
During fall, the views of the lake and mountains are majestic.
Lake George Steamboat company - The Minne-Ha-Ha
Cruise ship the Minne-Ha-Ha
The Minne-Ha-Ha is one of the last Steam paddle wheelers in the USA.

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