Lake George Restaurants - American cuisine (SteakHouse and Seafood)

Whether you crave for a juicy stack of ribs, a New-York strip steak or a plate of lobster in butter & garlic, you'll be pleased. Most of these restaurants will serve you a good meal for a decent price. Very few restaurants in Lake George are really expensive, but still, expect to pay a premium since it's a popular destination.

Lake George Restaurants map - American cuisine

American-style restaurants in Lake George, New York

  • A
    JC Montana's

    JC Montana's has a terrace right in the middle of the village, so it's a nice spot for an afternoon dinner or drink. For the same reason, it might also be a bit more expensive than elsewhere. But otherwise, it serves good food, has a great location and good service.

  • B
    Lobster Pot Lake George

    The Lobster Pot is an American-style seafood restaurant. While it's not a five-star restaurant, I've always ate well there. Except more a lobster-with-butter-and-garlic than high-end seafood and you'll have a great evening.

    Reasonable prices in a family-style atmosphere, you should have a plentiful, satisfying experience. As with any good American-style seafood restaurant, they also serve steaks, chicken, etc. Get a 10% rebate off your next meal with their online coupon.

  • C
    Boardwalk Restaurant Lake George

    The main reason to go to the Boardwalk restaurant is for the view. It's located lakeside and it's the best outdoor dining in Lake George. To lunch outside on a warm summer day, it's the place.

    The food is good and they have two kind of menus: one for indoor and one for the deck. They serve anything from burgers, seafoods, salads, sandwiches and steaks.

  • D
    Smokey Joe’s Lake George

    Good food in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with reasonable prices, Smokey Joe's Grill makes for a satisfying meaty dinner. It has won the 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of excellent and reviews are very good.

    Prices on the menu are around 10$ for a sandwich and 15-20$ for a full meal. Good choice, good prices, good location, a place to try.

  • E
    Kooom Garrison

    The Garrison is located passed the beaches and the steamboat cruises, a few minutes off the main street. It is a pub that provides classic pub food at a reasonable price with a good choice of beer on tap.

    With good reviews, an outdoor deck and reasonable prices, it's value for your money and a nice play to enjoy a summer lunch. Good value for your money.

  • F
    Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ Lake George

    The Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ is located just south of Lake George village, a mile from Shepard Park. Prices are standard, around 10$ for a sandwich or burger and 16$ for a plate of ribs. The majority of reviews about the food are good, but there is a couple that says that the food is only decent. It may be better to go to there out of rush hours or during slow season, since a lot of the negative reviewers are talking about the services being rather slow. Do not except five stars service or food, don't be in a rush, enjoy the atmosphere and you'll should have a good evening at this restaurant.

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