Lake George Maps

There are so many accommodations and things to do and see in Lake George that it's easy to get confused. Here you'll find the maps you need to get around. Click on it and you'll be brought to the interactive map on another page.

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Lake George Accommodations Maps

There are a lot of accommodations in Lake George. Near the village you'll find everything from "cheap" motels - note that Lake George is very popular in summer, so nothing is really cheap - to regular hotels to resort and of course a couple of campgrounds.

Lake George Hotels Map

The hotels in Lake George are scattered around the village. Some are right in front of the lake, some a bit further.

Map of Lake George hotels

Lake George Motels Map

Motels are mostly located north of the village, rather close to the center. Enough to go by foot to most restaurants and attractions.

Map of Lake George motels

Lake George Campgrounds Map

There are a couple of campgrounds around Lake George village. One of them is right in the village, the others are usually a few miles away. You can also camp on a remote island, right in the middle of the lake.

Map of Lake George campgrounds

Lake George Restaurant Map

Being such a popular place, there is of course a lot of restaurants in Lake George, all around the village. We've divided them by type: American style, Italian and fast-food, cafés & others.

Map of Lake George Restaurants

Lake George Attractions Maps

With so many things to do, no wonder it's such a popular place. From amusement parks to historic forts to the classic haunted houses to nature activities, there really something for everyone. Here's a map of all of them, see further for specific attractions and activities.

Map of Lake George Attractions

Lake George Amusement & Water parks Map

With more than six theme parks and water parks, Lake George has something for kids and adults alike. Some are smaller theme parks for kids, but you'll also find thrilling water parks and, of course, the famous Six Flags Great Escape.

Map of Lake George Amusement and Water parks

Lake George Mini-Golf Map

Who doesn't like a game of mini-golf, especially when on vacations? Even if it's not the most serious game in the world, it's always fun.

Map of Lake George mini-golf

Lake George Hiking Trails Map

For nature lovers, Lake George has something for you. We listed 4 good hiking trails to clear your mind and breathe fresh air, not too far from Lake George village.

Map of Lake George hiking
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