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Lake George Hiking

Lake George sits in the middle of the Adirondack, so it's a great place for hiking. Even if it's a yearlong activity. Personally I prefer hiking in winter or in the middle of the autumn, when the leaves are red, orange and yellow. You have to see the Lake George region once during fall, it's really beautiful.

Near Lake George, you'll find hiking trails of all sorts that will satisfy novice hikers as well as more experienced one. Kids will be able to climb most of them, so it's also a great family activity.

Lake George Hiking trails location

Lake George Hiking Trails

Lake George Hiking

Up for a longer driver?

If you are up for a longer drive, you will want to visit the natural beauty of Ausable Chasm, the views of the High Falls gorge or the majestic Nature stone bridge & caves. They're all located more than an hour north of Lake George village, but they're worth the trip if you are in Lake George for a few days or on the way back to Montreal.

More Lake George Hiking

The Adirondack region is a heaven for hikers. Within a few hours' drive, experienced hikers will find rewarding hiking trails and novices will see sceneries that will make them fall in love with hiking. For more information, visit the Adirondack Mountain Club website. For a real challenge, try the Fire Tower Challenge.

Prospect Mountain Pictures

Lake George Hiking - View of Lake George from Prospect Mountain
Top of Prospect Mountain
View of Lake George village from the top of Prospect Mountain
Lake George Hiking Prospect Mountain - in the woods
Woods of Prospect Mountain
Great sunny afternoon spent hiking Prospect Mountain
Prospect Mountain - Overlooking Lake George
Overlooking Lake George
Four overlooks are available on the way up Prospect Mountain
Lake George Hiking - Relaxing at the top of Prospect Mountain
Relaxing on a rock
Nothing like relaxing with a view after a hike
Have a Picnic at the top of Prospect Mountain
Picnic at the top
Have a Picnic at the top of Prospect Mountain
Prospect Mountain by road or by foot
Hike or drive
Get to the top of Prospect Mountain either by foot or by car