Lake George Hotels

Most Lake George hotels are rated 2 and 3 stars and provide comfortable, cute accommodations, without luxury. They'll usually provide a free continental breakfast, free wi-fi, an outdoor pool and, most of the time, an indoor pool as well. Friendly service is the norm!

The majority of hotels in Lake George are located close to the village, on the main road. Some are very close to the village center, but normally you will have to drive 5 to 10 minutes to get there. Some are at a walkable distance to restaurants and attractions and others are not. Depending on the type of vacations you expect, check carefully the location before your reserve.

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation than hotels, you might want to take a look at Lake George motels or camping.

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In Short...

Lake George being a very popular destination during summer, rooms will become quite expensive. This will affect the rating or value you give the hotel. You may easily pay 200$ for a standard room when staying in the village and this will not get you a 5 stars resort, especially if you go during high season. Keep that in mind and you won't be disappointed.

Lake George Hotels list

If you are looking for a cheaper accommodation than hotels, check out the motels or campgrounds!
They're also good options!