Lake George Motels

For someone outside North America, a motel is an all-American classic, like bread & cheese is a French classic. Small, one or two storey high, basic accommodation, door that opens on a parking. You’ll find plenty in Lake George! Don’t expect anything luxurious, but in most places you’ll find a decent, affordable and comfortable accommodation.

The motels in Lake George village are mostly located on the northern part of the main street. While you might not be right in the middle of the action, from there you can still reach the village center by foot within a short few minutes. Most Restaurants, bars and beaches will be within a 5 to 15 minutes walk.

Most of them will have a pool, free parking and sometimes a barbecue area to lower the cost of your Lake George vacations. Prices vary greatly depending on the time of the year - all accommodations will become rather pricey during the peak season – but outside high season, you can find a room for two for under 70$.

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In Short...

To be 100% honest, if you go in Lake George during the busiest of time, you may find that prices are high for a motel with mostly basic accommodations. It is a popular destination! Avoid peak times and you'll be fine. In short, if you stay out of Lake George during those times - for example, a week-end in July... - you'll find a well-located accommodation of reasonable quality for a good price.

Motels are my favorite mean of accommodation when travelling in the USA. They are "cheap" and provide exactly what I need : a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom, space and preferably a fridge.

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